Monday 19 March 2012

Regional Discrimination, root cause of Regional identity

During the Mahaboobnagar bi-election while there is a conflict of interest between BJP and TRS, some die-hard Telangana critics have found a new theory ..they say T-agitation which is based on regionalism is akin to communalism!! We do not know how many of those have actually condemned BJP when Babri was brought down but now to criticize Telangana agitation suddenly they all turn anti-communal. If you are against communalism, regionalism, cateism or any other kin of division among people we welcome your stand, but what we condemn is your double standards in criticizing regionalism but keeping a blind eye on its root cause, the regional discrimination.

Yes, our demand for separate statehood has roots from struggle for regional existence, however the root cause of regional existence struggle lies in the  discrimination of rulers on regional grounds. If we do a little root cause analysis and draw a fish-bone diagram for the causes of separate statehood, all causes end with the same root cause which is discrimination on regional grounds.

The main causes of T-agitation are denial of water resources, denial of funds, injustice in jobs and historic, cultural suppression. While the first three are result of the actions of the rulers of the state, the last one is deep rooted in the society at all levels.

Critics of regionalism, where were you when this region was fighting for drinking water for Fluoride sufferers? Where were you when we were fighting for 610 GO implementation? Where were you when our water was diverted to other regions and our fair share was denied?  Did you ever question when the social texts are manipulated to hide Telangana history and Telangana freedom fighters but gave exorbitant importance to their contemporaries from Andhra region?

When a group of people are exploited by others, over time the oppressed group re-invents their identity and struggle for their pride. Be it be a dalit liberation movement, be it be a black pride movement or Telangana movement, all are the result of the organized discrimination and oppression. Not acknowledging the cause and questioning only the effect does not solve any purpose.

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  1. @Viswaroop: Andhra or AP itself is a regional entity. When NTR started TDP, most national observers criticized it as a "narrow regional outfit".


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