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మంత్రుల బృందానికి నా నివేదిక

రాష్ట్ర విభజన వలన తలెత్తే సమస్యలు, వాతి పరిష్కారాల గూర్చి కేంద్ర మంత్రుల బృందానికి వారు ఇచ్చిన టరంస్ ఆఫ్ రిఫరెన్స్ ప్రకారం అందజ్*ఏసిన నా నివేదిక.

The Group of Ministers,
Govt of India.

Sub: Regarding the issues arising due to the division of states and solutions

Dear Sir,

Thanks for giving us this opportunity to share our feedback with the esteemed  Group of Ministers.

The decision to divide the state of AP albeit delayed is a correct decision, without which justice is impossible to people of Telangana. In the united state of Andhra Pradesh people of Telangana are marginalised by the majority Seemandhra and were denied their basic rights. Over decades injustice was done to people of Telangana in irrigation, Govt funds allocation, state appointed jobs among many others. Only a separate statehood can give justice to people of Telangana. As this is not appropriate forum to list the injustices happened to Telangana and justifications for division of state, I am not going into this part and limit my feedback only on the issues that may arise in the process of division.

My feedback about the terms of reference as given by GoM:

1.       Determine the boundaries of the new state of Telangana and the residuary state of Andhra Pradesh with reference to the electoral constituencies, judicial and statutory bodies, and other administrative units:

The current ten districts of Telangana namely Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy, Nalgonda, Medak, Mahaboob Nagar, Warangal, Khammam, Karim Nagar, Nizamabad, Adilabad should be wholly with Telangana state. All the parliament and Assembly constituencies in these ten districts will then be part of Telangana state.

Rest of the 14 districs of Seemandhra region should be part of residuary Andhra Pradesh state.

Some may argue that Bhadrachalam  revinue division in the district of Khammam which was previously part of Andhra state before the merger of Andhra state with Telangana should be given back to Andhra. However the people in Bhdrachalam are culturally closer to Telangana region and they wish to be part of Telangana state post division. People of ten districts of Telangana also wish that Bhadrachalam revinue division should be with Telangana. As there is consent among people of both sides it is appropriate to make Bhadrachalam part of Telangana state.

Also historically Bhadrachalam was with Nizam state for long time and ceded to British Govt much later than the districts of Seemandhra.

2.      Look into the legal and administrative measures required to ensure that both the state governments can function efficiently from Hyderabad as the common capital for 10 years

In these days with advanced systems we do not need 10 years for building a new capital. Hyderabad as combined capital for such long time can make unnecessary friction between both states post division. Also residuary Andhra Pradesh state functioning can be impaired when their administration is happening away from their main land.

Residuary Andhra Pradesh state should be given grant for constructing necessary buildings such as secretariat, Assembly, High Court, quarters for state ministers, quarters for legislators etc. in their chosen city. Two to three years are sufficient for constructing all the necessary infrastructure.

Common capital period should be reduced to five years from 10 years. This five years time period is important and mainly required for the employees belonging to residuary Andhra Pradesh state to make up their mind whether to move to the new capital or take retirement and remain in Hyderabad city rather than for constructing capital city.

In the period of common capital, the right on administration of Hyderabad should naturally be with Telangana state. However a small area of the city that holds the administrative buildings of residuary Andhra Pradesh state post division can be identified and its administration limited to law and order only can be kept with Union Govt. However this area should be within the boundaries of MCH (not the current GHMC) and be restricted to below 80 square kilometres. This measure is required for the efficient functioning two state Governments from the same city with Hyderabad as common capital.

3.      Take into account the legal, financial and administrative measures that may be required for transition to a new capital of the residuary State of Andhra Pradesh

As suggested in the earlier point a small portion of Hyderabad within MCH limits can be identified and its law and order administration should be kept with Govt. of India. Legal rights on the same region should be with Telangana state.

As income from state departments is accounted at capital city currently the income of Hyderabad appears much higher than its actual share. However post division income of both states will be accounted separately and then Hyderabad income won’t be as big as it appears now.

Many of the companies owned by Seemandhra businessmen have their registered offices located at Hyderabad. This might do some injustice to residuary Andhra Pradesh state post division as the VAT collected from these offices will be accounted into Telangana state. For this reason post division companies should be given option to move their registered offices to Seemandhra region. Residuary Andhra Pradesh Govt can declare Tax holidays to promote their business men to move their registered offices into Seemandhra.

4.      Look into the special needs of the backward regions and districts of both the states and recommend measures.

There are backward districts in both sides. As per the rural development board’s statistics eight out of ten districts in Telangana, three districs of Seemandhra are underdeveloped in human development index. All these districts should be given special packages for their economic developments.

Rural development in India depends a great deal on Agriculture and agriculture is entirely dependent on water resource. These under developed districts should be fed with irrigation by constructing small and medium irrigation projects. Both states should be given funds for development of irrigation. Gram panchayats should be given funds for constructing check dams for improving irrigation.

Hand crafts, cottage industries, agro industries should be encouraged in these regions with NABARD schemes and empowering people with necessary education in these areas.

5.       Look into issues relating to law and order, safety and security of all residents and ensure peace and harmony in all regions and districts consequent to the formation of the state of Telangana and the residuary state of Andhra Pradesh, and the long term internal security implications arising out of the move and make suitable recommendations;

Hyderabad city is from the beginning of its birth being cosmopolitan with people from several cultures ranging from Gujaratis, Marathis, Kannadigas, Parsis, Punjabis, Marwadis coexisting with locals here and living with harmony. Over few decades lakhs of people from Seemandhra region have made Hyderabad as their home and coexisting with natives.

Apart from Hyderabad in the rest of Telangana also scores of Biharis, Marwadis, people from Seemandhra region live together with natives in harmony. Telanganaites have always been cordial and receptive to people of other cultures. It clearly shows that post division there will not be any issues of safety for minority cultural groups: either Marwadis, Biharis or Seemandhra settlers. Any special action taking regarding issue of safety of Seemandhra settlers living in Hyderabad is insulting Telangana administration and must be avoided.

In Seemandhra region there were some sporadic incidents of law and order for people of Telangana residing in that region after the announcement of  decision to divide the state. However there are very few Telangana people living in Seemandhra region and the incidents were minor. We hope over time things get better. There is no need to take any special actions regarding the safety of Telangana people living in Seemandhra region.

6.      Look into the sharing of river water, irrigation resources and other natural resources (especially coal, water, oil and gas) between the two states and also inter-se with other states, including the declaration of Polavaram Irrigation Project as a National Project

Final judgment of Brijesh Committee regarding Krishna Water sharing must be deferred until the completion of division process. Telangana state must be given its right to present its case before Brijesh Committee.

Special boards with members from Telangana and residuary Andhra Pradesh states should be formed to oversee Godawari and Krishna Water.

Under Krishna river depending on flood flow water several projects were built in Seemandhra region. However currently these projects are getting water allocation at the cost of not constructing projects with net allocation in Telangana region. Post division flood flow projects must be restricted to utilizing water from flood flow period and projects in Telangana with net water allocation such as SLBC that are in pending for long periods must be completed as priority.

Proposed Polavaram project on Godawari river submerges lakhs of acres of forest land in Bhadrachalam division. Polavaram project must be redesigned to ensure minimal submergence.

Coal Mines in Northern Telangana(Singareni collories) will naturally belong to Telangana state post division. However there are few power plants in Seemandhra region that depend on these coal mines and must be taken care post division. Hence agreement should be made for the supply of coal at reasonable prices for these Seemandhra projects post division. Likewise Telangana power projects that depend on gas from KG Basin should get gas allocation agreement.

7.       Look into issues related to power generation, transmission and distribution between the two states;

In the united Andhra Pradesh Telangana region suffered organized discrimination in several fronts. Discrimination in installation of power plants is one major thing among others. Due to this discrimination it has happened so that Telangana region though the biggest consumer and main source for coal mines does not have enough power plants. Because of this it is evident that Telangana region will get power shortage post division.

Agreements must be made such that Seemandhra excess power will be utilized in Telangana until  Telangana state becomes self-sufficient in Power Generation.

8.      Look into the issues arising on account of distribution of assets, public finance, public corporations and liabilities thereof between the two states;

-          All the movable and immovable properties that were originally with Telangana (Hyderabad state) prior to 1956 (before merger) shall naturally belong to Telangana.
-          AP Bhavan in New Delhi was compensation to Hyderabad Bhavan which was taken over by Union Govt. Hence AP Bhavan shall be with Telangana state post merger.
-          Properties of APSRTC are divided as per the region where they exist.
-          All the debts should be divded between states as per the project for which the debt was taken.

9.      Look into the issues relating to the distribution of the employees in the subordinate as well as All India Services between the two states;

Service records of all the state Govt employees should be checked thoroughly and divided between states post division as per their nativity.

10.   Look into the issues arising out of the Presidential Order issued under Article 371D of the Constitution consequent to the bifurcation and examine any other matter that may arise on account of bifurcation of the state of Andhra Pradesh and make suitable recommendations.

Article 371D wa formed because of the issues arised due to Mulki rules implementation and it is applicable only in the united Andhra Pradesh. Post division it will not be applicable to Telangana state. However for better division of employment among all districts in Telangana similar arrangement should be made in Telangana state with dividing Telangana state into four zones.

Thanks for giving me such an opportunity to express my views.

Best regards

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